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Starting the broccoli harvest

I picked the first of our broccoli last night. They are massive heads, and I think I picked them just in time as they will start spreading if I’d left them much longer.


Obviously this is much more than we are likely to eat in the next week or so, so I cut them up into chunks and froze them. I know some people blanch it first, but I just didn’t have time so into freezer bags and into the freezer. It’s not great just boiled and eaten when I do it this way, although it is fine.  However, it is perfect to grab a handful to add to a casserole or stir fry.  Particularly when I am doing a slow cooker recipe, adding a handful of frozen broccoli helps to soak up some of the extra juices that always seem to be present in slow-cooker casseroles.

There’s still lots more growing out on the bushes, so we should be well supplied for broccoli for a while.

We’ve had a couple of minor frosts in the last few weeks which has killed off the pumpkin vines, so I need to get out and collect the pumpkins now. That might be tomorrows job, today HAS to be an office day!

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