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Mushrooming Time!!

Its mushroom time!!  Besides our middle son – Danny, the rest of us LOVE mushrooms.  And we particularly love this time of the year when they are growing wild in the paddocks and we can pick them.  This was yesterday’s collection, just from the paddock around the house where Pickles our dairy cow spends some of her time.

Mushroom photo

It can be a bit of risk collecting and eating wild mushrooms.  We’ve been collecting ours for a few years now, so we are confident that they are safe, and if you are ever in any doubt, you are best to avoid it.  One of the main poisonous mushrooms that are confused with edible ones, is the yellow staining mushroom.  They look very similar in the paddock.  However apparently this yellow staining mushroom will bruise a yellowish colour and if you cut the base of the stem it is quite obviously yellow inside.  As you can see, the mushrooms that grow in our paddocks are white in the stem when they are young, and as the mushroom matures the stem turns a bit pinky brown inside.
05 Mushrooms 02


I’ve been doing some playing lately with reversing my lens to get some closeup – macro – shots.  I thought the undersides of the mushrooms would be perfect subject matter…..  What do you think?  I still need practice, as it is very difficult to hold the camera still, while I’m also hand-holding the lens, unattached and reversed, on the front of the camera body.  Its fun though, and can give some really interesting effects. 05 Mushrooms 04

05 Mushrooms


Here is a little group of mushrooms that I found this afternoon, as I was going around the sheep.  As you can see they can grow fairly big.  I didn’t pick these, as they looked too big, and they have a very strong taste when they are this large.  Also a couple looked as if a sheep had been nibbling on the side….!

Mushroom photo

That’s my boot in the photo, so you can get an idea of the size of these mushies!



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