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Processing the corn!

Finally harvested the last of the corn yesterday.  Feels good to have it all frozen ready to see us out for winter.  Everyone in the family loves corn so its great to have a good supply throughout the year.

corn cob photo


Most of it we picked a couple of weekends ago, and my wonderful parents peeled it, cut it into meal sized portions and froze it for me.  This is huge job, and usually very messy with all the tassels ending up everywhere, so I’m so grateful for that help!

Frozen corn cob photo

Once we have picked all the cobs off the stalks I always pull them out of the ground break them off at ground level (because the ground is too hard to pull them out!!) and feed them to Pickles and BJ.  They LOVE them.  I think they are particularly appealing because there is no other green feed to be seen anywhere at the moment!

Cows eating corn stalks

This is one row of stalks – I have four more to feed out, but I thought one row a day would do them!

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