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Scanning the Ewes

We put the Rams out with the ewes on New Years Day, every year (occasionally the next day, depending on the night before!!).  This has them ready for lambing on June 1st.  For the last couple of months the nutrition of the ewes is crucial to the success of lambing.  Ideally the ewes that are having twins are well fed to give their growing twins the best chance possible of a good birth weight.  The ewes having a single lamb need to have their feed limited so their lambs don’t grow too big and cause birthing problems.

So… We scan our ewes six weeks or so before lambing to determine which ones are having singles and which ones are having multiples.

This is Matt, who does our scanning.  This year we scanned at 127%, which is fairly normal for us, we are usually between 120 and 130%.  We had 47 ewes that weren’t in lamb at all. Some of these were quite young, so will stay in the flock ready for next year.  A handful were quite old so were “retired”!

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