Balancing Rock Farm is near Ararat in Western Victoria, Australia.  Living here is Me (Dominique), my husband Cameron and three children Archie, Danny and Jasmine, as well as a menagerie of animals.  I’m a wedding and portrait photographer, but in my spare time I love working in the garden, and around the farm.  Our farm is predominantly a prime lamb farm, with a bit of cropping and some cows.  We try and produce as much food as we can from our land, so we are spending as little as possible in the supermarkets.  Certain times of the year we are better at this than others, but each year we learn and get better at it.  We eat all our own red meat – beef and lamb, as well as eggs, and lots of veggies.  We also milk a cow, so have almost unlimited milk and cream, and we often make yoghurt and ice-cream.  I’ve had a couple of attempts at cheese.  The ricotta and mozerella has been great, but would love to be able to make our own cheddar.  So far my attempts have been far from ideal!

Rock BROWNThis is the rock that the farm is named after.  Impressive isn’t it??  The farm has lots of large rock formations, and the kids and their friends have so much fun climbing all over them, and creating games around them.

My photography business is also named after the rock – Balancing Rock Photography, and my work can be viewed here:


Some of the loves of my life….



Things I love

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