The Autumn Vegie Garden

We have been very lucky this autumn so far, to have not had any frosts!  As a result quite a few of our summer veggies are still producing quite well.  The tomatoes have finished up, as it has been quite cold, but the chillies and capsicums are still going well.

I also grew jalapeño chillies which we prefer so didn’t pick too many from this bush.  Lots of new plantings though, and because the weather has been so mild, they are bursting with vigour.

The brassicas are so healthy, and there’s even the beginnings of some broccoli and cauliflower heads starting to poke thru.  Bottom left, above is Brussel sprouts- but they are a bit slower.

Above is, from left, beetroot (under a cage because every pest in the world seems to want to eat me beetroot), then carrots, and spuds.  Below is one of my pumpkins.  Our local tennis club has a pumpkin growing competition each year.  Originally it was the biggest pumpkin, but this year we got mystery seeds – 5, and its the most overall weight from all the pumpkins. Mine were prolific however a lot haven’t ripened properly.

I tend to plant a row of beans every couple of months, so I have a yea round supply.  This latest planting has just started flowering. As have the peas.

I visited an old friend a month or so ago and she gave me some rhubarb that she had divided off from her patch.  I wasn’t sure they’d survive as I didn’t get them in the ground for a couple of weeks after getting home. But they are growing superbly.

I still have some more planting I’d like to do, but first I need to do some more cleanup of old plants left over from summer.  I still have 2 rows of old corn stalks to pull out, as well as some cherry tomatoes. Then I have garlic and onions to get in! And maybe some more peas….

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