Where are we now….

Well its been a while between posts – and who knows, I may get better at posting, I really want to….  We’ll see.  Here’s a summary of where the farm is at, at the moment…..

The Farm

We have had fantastic rains over the last 6 months – a very healthy spring, probably the best in the 10 years we have owned the farm, reasonable rain throughout the summer and a pretty good autumn break.  As a result of our spring rain, in particular a huge flood we had in September all our dams filled – they were all just about empty if not completely empty as a result of 5 very dry years.

Having good water sources on the farm makes an enormous difference to the running of the farm, mainly meaning that we are not carting or pumping water for the sheep and cattle every second day.  Our work load over the summer was soooooo much less as a result!

It also meant that we had great feed in the paddocks heading in to summer, which meant that we weren’t carting hay and feeding grain all summer also!  In fact we didn’t start feeding until late March, which has never been the case as far as I can remember.

We are due to start lambing in the next couple of weeks, due date is June 1st, but we often get a handful in late May.  The cows have all been scanned and in calf, due in early September, including our new house cow, Marmalade – so that will be exciting.

This weekend just gone we finished our main sowing.  The large cropping block at the end of the farm has been sown down to wheat this year.  The only other sowing we did was some hay pasture down on the Flat, and some resowing of the smaller horse/house cow/bull paddocks around the house.

The Menagerie

Not too much has changed in regards to our animals.  We are running roughly the same numbers of sheep and cattle as this time last year, although we do plan to purchase some more cows towards the end of the year.  We still have Jackie and Clancy, our two kelpy dogs, as well as our cat Emma.  And we still have a hodge podge array of chooks in the hen house, including two beautiful young ones that I fear are actually roosters….  We have three ferrets, two very friendly older males, and one young feisty female that will sink her teeth into you if you turn your back on her – we are working on winning her over, and getting her used to being handled.

Our two horses, Marley – little black shetland, and Rosco – large chestnut quarter horse, lead fairly quiet lives with regards to being ride.  I am finding it hard to fit in much riding these days, but always love it when I do.  Jazz has become quite confident riding Marley on her own, which is great.

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One thought on “Where are we now….

  1. Grace

    Hi Dominique Sparks, it’s me Grace Sparks
    Long time no see, it would be great to catch up with you guys again one day, I am going to start reading your vlogs, your farm has change a lot (since I was last there) !!

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