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Out of action for a long while!!!!

October 2014 was my last post!  I’ve thought about writing so many times, but it has always been a question of where to start!!  But I figure if I don’t start, I never will so this post will just be a “where are we now” post!!

The Farm

2015 was a very dry year for Balancing Rock Farm.  We had below average rainfall all year, and spring, in particular, was exceedingly dry, meaning we headed into summer with less stock feed in the paddocks than we normally would.  We did cut quite a bit of hay, so that has been very handy.

Hay cutting

Jessie the dog, watching the hay being cut.

We currently have 500 ewes on the place, 9 rams and 20 head of cattle.  The crop yields weren’t great last year, but not as bad as we were expecting, so that was nice.

The Menagerie

The biggest news from last year was our decision to sell our milking cow Pickles.  She had failed to get in calf after a few attempts, so looking from the practical side, not the emotional side, we decided we needed to look at a new one.  Cam took it the hardest, he was very attached to her after spending many, many mornings with her out in the milking shed.  But it just didn’t make sense to have a milking cow that you couldn’t milk!  So…. Meet Marmalade

Marmalade the jersey

Jasmine and I went and picked her up from Warnambool and brought her home in my car!  She was soon cute as a baby, as you can see from the last photo she has darkened quite a bit.  We have also had the vet remove her horns as they were very sharp!

The other main addition to our menagerie is my horse, Rosco.  With Jaz having her little pony, Marley, I was really keen to get back into riding myself,  and thought it would be wonderful to be able to go riding together.  We looked locally for many months, with no luck finding anything suitable – so finally contacted a friend in QLD who found us a great stock horse very quickly, and even arranged transportation of him down to Victoria.  When he arrived his name was Colin – terrible name.  So Ross was the name of our QLD friend, so the horse became Rosco.  He’s only young, so quickly learnt his new name!

Horses Rosco and Marley

Here’s Rosco greeting Marley for the first time.


So we still have our two cats, Emma, the house cat and “Shed Cat”, the ah shed cat!  Two dogs, Clancy and Jackie, two ferrets, Ben and Alfie, and umpteen hens, plus 3 roosters.


The Garden

Not a lot has been happening around the garden in the last 12 months, mainly due to the lack of water for watering.  We have no access to mains water where we are, so we totally rely on mother nature.  There are two bores on the farm, which we can use for watering, however it is slightly salty, so I’ve quickly determined which plants are salt tolerant and which ones are not!  The good news is we have built a very large shed on one end of our house, which has an enormous roof, and put a large water tank on the end of it to collect the rain.  So fingers crossed we will be in a better position next summer with regards to stored water.

Tomatoes and eggplants were the only vegies I had growing this year, and they have both done well, so I have bottled lots of tomatoes, so we’ll be right for spaghetti sauce over the winter.


Well that’s a quick run down and where we are at at the moment on Balancing Rock Farm.  Lets see how often I can keep this updated now!


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