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6 grapevines planted

When we planned our orchards, we planned on having one side of our farm driveway as an area for stone fruit, and also apples, pears, and figs. The other side was to be for grape vines and citrus. Well the first side has been in for about 5 years now, and is growing nicely. On the other side, we decided to first plant a couple of rows of natives to act as a wind break, as it does get a lot of wind from the south west.

Well the natives have been planted, so I visited our local nursery a couple of weeks ago, and picked up 6 varieties of grapes. I loaded to garden cart up with some fresh compost (the soil is not great over ther), the shovel, trowel, kneeling pad and grapevines, and headed over to plant them.

As I started digging the first hole, I noticed it was extremely wet. I knew we hadn’t had enough rainfall lately to account for this much moisture in the soil, and sure enough, when, I wandered up the hill, it got wetter and wetter until finally I traced it to a leaking water pipe.

Although it wasn’t that warm, Jessie, one of our kelpies, felt the need to cool down in the puddles. After digging a trench so the water could drain away, I discovered that a “t-piece” joiner had split, so I replace it, and that did the trick.

Unfortunately though the ground was waterlogged, so I had to wait a couple of days before I could get back to planting the grapevines. But they are all in now, and hopefully some warm spring weather will encourage them to shoot.

Here’s the varieties we chose, in the order they are planted.


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Introducing Marley

We have added to the menagerie – with a beautiful little black Shetland pony called Marley.


We had been looking for a few months, and actually saw her advertised on Facebook. They were offering a trial period so I felt we couldn’t really lose out. And as soon as we saw her everyone fell in love. She has a very gentle nature and loves to be around people. She is only 11hh, but she will be perfect for the kids to learn to ride on, particularly Jaz and Danny.

20140908-113817.jpgIt all happened quite quickly and we hadn’t even organized a saddle yet or any other gear, so for the first few days they were riding bareback.

Being so little, and knowing how careful you have to be to not let ponies get over fat, we just kept her in the cattle yards, with some hay for the first couple of days – also, so she could get used to us, and our farm. But she was very happy to be let out with the cows.


20140908-115719.jpgAs you can see Archie is a bit big for her, so now we will probably start looking for a larger pony, that will be more suitable for him (and also large enough for me to ride – I’ve been getting very envious of the kids, and would really love to be riding also!!). But in the meantime, Marley is great and we are loving having her!


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