Family long weekend

Last weekend we managed to get Cam off the farm, and Archie away from footy for a long weekend at Wye River. Wye River is down south on the Victorian coastline, not far from Lorne. Originally we were going to camp, but as we had been having so much cold, windy weather we ended up getting a cabin in a caravan park, which turned out to be a good decision.

We were actually quite lucky with the weather. When we woke up each morning it was pouring rain. So we’d have a bit of a sleep in (a treat in itself!) then head off to a cafe for a leisurely breakfast. By 10am the sun was out and we’d head off for a walk somewhere. Then, about 4pm each day the clouds rolled in, and it started raining again.

Here’s some of my favorite pics from the weekend……

20140713-173448.jpg Cam at the bottom of Sheok Falls – a 40 minute walk in from the car park.

20140713-174730.jpg My three little mountain climbers.

Some beach pics……. A couple of brave swimmers amongst them.




Here’s a little fairy village that was on the lawn, outside our cabin.


On the last day, we headed home via the Otways National Park. Here’s a photo of the fam doing the Treetop Walk, which is a fabulous walkway, that is up in the rainforest canopy. Bit nerve wracking for some of us, but others in the family loved it.


And has you know, I love fungi pics, so here’s a couple from the rainforest.



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2 thoughts on “Family long weekend

  1. fading landmarks

    Beautiful sights… and what a fun weekend y’all had!

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