Easier to feed now!

I mentioned in the last post that we are up to five orphan lambs now, which makes it very tricky for one person to feed them. A few years ago we invested in a milk feeder that will feed 5 at a time, and we’ve used it nearly every year since. One year we actually saved 7 lambs, which was manageable because I could feed 5 with the feeder and then a bottle in each hand!

A nosey chook in the background!!

And here’s the view from above……


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3 thoughts on “Easier to feed now!

  1. fading landmarks

    What happened to their moms?

    • We get a few triplets, and I think two of these lambs may have been a weak triplet, who couldn’t keep up with the other two stronger lambs. Another two I found after a night of dreadfully cold weather, and they were very weak and cold, and couldn’t stand up – so would have died for sure, if I hadn’t brought them inside to warm them up. So these four are not technically orphans, as they would have had mothers. The last one’s mom had a prolapse after birth, and unfortunately had to be put down. They are all going great now tho, and run and jump around their little paddock as if they have jumping beans in their feet! Fun to watch.

      • fading landmarks

        It’s great that you could save them! 😀

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