Lambing continues…..

We had another lovely day yesterday (today is exceptionally cold, rainy and windy!! Great winter weather), so I couldn’t resist grabbing my camera as I headed out to check the lambing ewes.

Lamb photo

I love this shot of this little lamb, high on the hill. It looks like he’s all alone, but his mum was just out of shot, keeping a careful eye on him as she was grazing.


Twin lambs photo

A brand new set of twins. As you can see they actually come out covered in an orange film, which the ewe then licks off them, usually within the first few hours.

Lambing photo

They are pretty content overall at the moment, particularly here: warm sunshine, plenty of fresh green feed, and new babies to love!

Look away now if you don’t like gory/ unfortunate photos. This little lamb has had its tail bitten off by a fox. He obviously has a very brave ewe as a mum as she was able to frighten the fox away before he could completely drag the lamb away. We occasionally see lambs that this has happened to, not often. Usually I suspect the fox manages to drag the lamb away completely.

Twin lamb photo

The lamb on the left has the end of its tail missing, due to a fox trying to drag it away.

I managed to catch this little fellow, just to make sure that it was okay, and not injured anywhere else. Besides his tail, he was fine. He could still run around, and suckle, so I know he’ll survive. One of the lucky ones!

Its hard to gauge how many lambs we lose to foxes. We occasionally see lamb carcasses in the paddock that have been chewed on, but I suspect that they have died due to a natural cause, and the damage we see is actually the hawks, eagles or crows pecking at the lamb after it has died – getting an opportunity feed. I think when a fox takes a lamb it actually drags it back to its den, to share with the rest of its family. Overall we’re pretty happy with how it’s all going.

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