Vegie Garden Update

We’ve been having some very wintery weather here these last few days. It’s been quite nice actually, because the first two weeks of winter were very mild. Today we have had almost non-stop drizzly rain and cold, cold winds.

With lambing well and truly underway, the vegie garden has not got a lot of attention lately.

I’ve picked the last of the pumpkins. The butternuts have been ripe and have been turned into some wonderful pumpkin soup already. I hope the Queensland Blues will be ready also.

I’ve also been picking leeks and some rogue potatoes. The last of the tomatoes that were ripe were bottled and stored away, and I made some green tomato pickles out of a large stash of unripe ones that were still on the vines. I’ve picked the lower leaves from the brussel sprouts to give the developing sprouts room to grow, and laid the leaves out down the rows of onions to try and kill off the grass weeds that are growing between the rows. You can see this in the photo above.

The boys and I had a bit of a working bee on the weekend. Here’s Archie planting the garlic.


I usually plant two full bulbs of garlic, which yields at least 20 plants. This keeps us going for about 6 months. If I get time I will plant some more in the next couple of weeks, as it stores really well so long as I let it dry out properly.

While Archie was planting garlic, Danny and I were preparing the beds for the potatoes. Danny never feels the cold. Archie and I were in coats and beanies – Danny, shorts and t’shirt!

And here’s Archie planting the potatoes.

This year we’ve planted Dutch Creme potatoes. I haven’t planted them before, but the packet said they were a good all rounder, suitable for mashing, roasting and baking.

We’re still picking lots of celery, spinach, silver beet, broccoli and leeks. I made a great soup on the weekend with pumpkin, celery and leek.

I covered the capsicum bushes a couple of months ago, with a big tunnel of plastic, as I’d heard that if they don’t get frosted they can be biennial. Besides running a bit of water under the plastic I have pretty much ignored them. But today I had a peak underneath, and this is what I found…..

I’d love to know what everyone else has in their garden at this time of the year!

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One thought on “Vegie Garden Update

  1. Lovely garden!
    We have strawberries at the moment – yummy!

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