Lambing Underway


Our ewes started lambing about three weeks ago. They are actually due to start on the 1st June ( because we put the rams in on New Years Day, and they have a 6 month gestation period). However they always seem to start about a week early.

I try and get around the ewes at least once a day. I look for things like ewes that are having trouble lambing, or lambs that have got separated from their mums or lambs that are weak. Also, because we are quite hilly often the big, heavily pregnant ewes will lie down, and get themselves cast on their backs and we have to tip them back onto their feet and steady them until they get their balance again. If left cast for too long they get week, and aren’t able to right themselves again, and have to be put down. Mostly so far it’s been rather uneventful which is good.



We have found one weak lamb, that was a twin that wasn’t getting enough milk. By the time we’d found it, it wasn’t able to stand up and was very cold. We brought it back to the house and bundled it up beside the fire. Luckily it was still strong enough to suckle, so it could drink from a bottle with just a little encouragement. Sometimes, when they are too weak, we have to tube the milk into them, which is an easy process and usually quite successful. Anyway this little one is now going great, and been named Mischeifa (don’t ask me why that name) by middle child Danny.

Of course, Shed Cat always has to be part of the action!



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