Finished our sowing (planting)

All our crops and pasture is sown. It’s a good feeling to have it all in the ground. Now we just need lots of rain to germinate the seed, and then keep it growing. By all accounts we are in for another el niño so it could be a dry year.

Here’s our tractor and combine (seeder). That’s Danny on the back checking that there’s still plenty of seed in the box.

Tractor photo

Here’s me about to take off to do the last few laps.

And the view out the front of the tractor.

Tractor photo
And finally, the finished paddock…..

Sowing lines photo

Bring on the rain!!

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4 thoughts on “Finished our sowing (planting)

  1. We’ve been so wet we finally got started yesterday. Hopefully our rain holds off a few days.

    • Ha – its amazing how you can be too wet and we are nearly too dry – if only we could both reach a happy medium. Although we did have some quite good rain over the weekend, so things are ticking along quite nicely at the moment. Do you have a blog Jodi, I tried to find it and couldn’t. What is your URL so I can follow you?

      • I don’t think we have happy mediums in farming 🙂 I do, it’s I enjoy yours!

  2. I haven’t read your blog for ages! Soo nice to see all the updates. 🙂 I’ll have to add you to my list so I can follow you more regularly.

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