Vegie Garden Update

We had some wonderful WONDERFUL rain last week.  It wasn’t a lot, only 17 mm, nearly 3/4 inch for those not up with metric.  But regardless, it is AMAZING how quickly the paddocks are greening up.

It has also given the vegie garden a real boost.  I haven’t been out there a lot lately, just a quick check every now and again, to make sure no critters are eating it to pieces and to pick some tomatoes or strawbs.

This is one corner which as quite a few of my autumn vegies.

Vegetable garden photo

I am still picking quite a few tomatoes, and I literally have hundreds that are still green.  I may be making green tomato pickles yet – still hoping they might turn red though, so holding out as long as I can.  I am picking celery and lots of baby spinach.  I have stolen a few potatoes out from under the plants, leaving the smaller ones to grow bigger hopefully.

In other corners of the garden I have my brassicas.  The brussel sprouts and broccoli are healthy, in fact I have a couple of broccoli heads nearly ready for picking.  The brussel sprouts are still a long way off.  My cauliflowers are recovering after a bout of being attacked by aphids.

Broccoli photo


The pumpkins are still ripening nicely.  I have butternuts and another one which I think is a type of Queensland blue.  The Queensland Blue’s are enormous, as you can see in the shot below….

Pumpkin photo


I also have some peas germinating and even the odd spear of asparagus still popping up.

asparagus and peas photo


There’s lots of jobs I want to get done over the easter long weekend.  Some of my peas have been eaten off by snails – hence the snail bait I’ve sprinkled around, so I want to plant some more to fill in the gaps.

I also want to spread a lot more mulch around before the soil starts cooling down too much.

There is a bit   a lot of weeding to be done after the rain.

Finally, I want to have a go at over wintering some of my capsicum plants in the glass house.  They were very slow this year, and most of the bushes still have little green fruit on them, which I’m pretty sure won’t ripen before the frosts come.  So I thought I would have a go at digging them up, and putting them in pots, and moving them indoors, with the hope that I might be able to encourage those little ones to grow and turn red.  I haven’t done it before, so we’ll see how it goes.


We also want to do a bit of wood collecting.  We have lots of fallen branches around the farm, and my sister and her family are coming over from Adelaide for a few days over easter.  Many hands for carting logs!!  Ha ha.

Hope you all have a wonderful Happy Easter, and a productive one too, if that is what you are aiming for!

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