Rabbit Run!

Last Easter we bought Danny a rabbit.  Archie already had fish (that’s a WHOLE long story for another day!!), and Jasmine had claimed the cats, so Danny thought he needed a pet too.  Being Easter, of course it had to be a rabbit.  My previous experience with rabbits was that they grew so big, with such powerful back legs, that kids couldn’t really handle the adults rabbits.  So I looked into the different breeds, and we decided on a dwarf lop.  They only grow to about half the size of other breeds, and their floppy ears make them very cute!!

So meet Coco!

Boy and His rabbit photo

This was Coco last Easter. Danny Looooved him!!

Anyway needless to say, he still grew up, and although he is still not as big as other breeds he still has very powerful back legs, and as such was getting less and less cuddles.  His cage is not terribly big, and we thought that so we could still enjoy him we would build him a run on the back porch that we could carry him out to regularly.  So yesterday Danny and I brainstormed and we came up with some wire panels, covered in chicken wire, that are attached together with cable ties.  The advantage of this is that it is easily dismantled and put up again, so that we can put the run away in between uses.

boy and his rabbit photo

Here is the result.  Its not exactly pretty, but it is very practical.  An added benefit of using connected panels is that we can change the shape of the run.  Some days we can make it long and thin, other days it could be wide and round, and today, we made it go round a corner, so half could be on the grass and half on the bricks.

Rabbit photo

Shed Cat thought it was very interesting, and spent a good half hour following Coco up and down the run.   But before too long, they were both ready for a nap.

We are hoping that by having most of the run on the bricks we might wear down Coco’s back toenails a bit……We’ll see!

He seems really happy with his run, enjoying the ability to really have a good hoppity hop!  A perfect Easter Present for a Hoppity Rabbit!

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