BJ gets a Pedicure

BJ is our bull – and yes you read it right – we gave him  a pedicure!  As you can see he is a big enormous black angus bull.  He has been in with the main herd of cows since early January, and when we took him out we noticed he was limping a bit on his back feet.  Closer inspection revealed some very overgrown toes!

bull photoCam wanted to have a go a trimming them on our own, but thankfully I convinced him that we needed the vets assistance (i.e. lots of sedative!!).  We had to keep him off food for 24 hours prior, so he has been limited to the cattle yard since yesterday morning.  At 8am this morning we managed to coax him into the narrow race with some yummy lucerne hay, and the vet gave him an injection of anaesthetic into a vein under his tail.  We then had to get him out of the race before he fell asleep.  We did manage to get him to squeeze his way out, but we needn’t have worried, he’s a bull that likes to sleep on his feet!  After waiting for about 15 minutes for the sedative to take effect, we could see that he was VERY drousy, but he was still standing, so John the vet decided to give him a bit of a top-up.  Being that he was so sleepy, we didn’t even need to contain him to do it.  Cam, my husband held up the tail, and John did the needling.  Another 15 minutes later, still no lying down, but very VERY dopey looking, we decided to give it a go in the standing position.

Bull photo

As you can see, he is really out to it!  He has never had a halter on before, and that rope is just looped around the fence!  I just wanted to cuddle him when he was like this.  Normally he is no where near tame enough to touch!

Here are the finished toes, not quite Hollywood standard, but I’m sure he will be much more comfortable!

Bulls feet

While he was out to it, I couldn’t resist getting a photo of his gorgeous eyelashes!

Bulls eyelashes

It was all over and done with very quickly, and now I just need to keep and eye on him for the rest of the day, to make sure he wakes up okay, and get him back onto feed and water later this afternoon.


A couple of hours later he is still a bit drowsy, but had managed to wander over to the hay pile for a bit of a nibble, so all good!

bull foot photo

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