Vegie Garden Update

The vegie garden has been very slow this year.  Admittedly we had very mild temperatures during spring and early summer, but I was sure that the hot weather we have had since Christmas would have made up for it.  Normally I would have had buckets and buckets of Roma tomatoes by now, and plenty of other varieties also.  I have started picking some,  but there are still lots that are quite green like you can see in the photo below.

Tomato photoThe bushes are still very healthy though, so maybe they might still ripen.  Particularly if the weather stays warm, and we don’t get an early frost.

I planted some seeds about a fortnight ago, and they have just started germinating – left to right, are brown onions, brussel sprouts and carrots.

Seedling photoObviously I will need to do some thinning before too long.  I usually do this with a pair of scissors, and just nip them off as close to the ground as I can get, because often their roots are intertwined, and I don’t like to disturb the roots of the ones I want to keep.

Most of the corn is picked now.  I do still have some cobs still to pick, from lower down on the stalks, which hopefully I’ll get done this weekend. Pickles our Jersey milking cow is looking very longingly at them.  I think she senses that they will nearly be hers.  She loves them so much we had to run a low voltage electric fence around the vegie garden to stop her forcing her way in for them.  I love her like crazy, but she can be so distructive!  I’m very excited to start picking the spuds soon.  I could probably pick them now, but I just want to give them as much chance as possible to reach a good size.  Truth be known I have squirrelled the odd one out from under the straw already.

Corn and potato photo

These are my little spinach plants.  I’ve also started picking some leaves from these, although I know I should wait until they are a bit bigger.  I just love putting spinach in everything though.  Its a great vegie to sneak into meals like spaghetti bolognaise, and other pasta dishes, because it almost disappears, so the kids don’t know its in there, but yet it provides SOOOO much goodness!  I really need to get some more rows planted!

Spinach plants photo

The pumpkins are another one I’m a bit worried about with regards to ripening before the cold weather comes.  I have two varieties –  a couple of plants of butternut, and another one that I’m not too sure about.  I actually thought I was planting some cucumber seedlings, but instead these massive round pumpkins are growing.  If anyone knows what variety they are, I would love you to let me know via the comments section below.  They are nearly as big as a basketball!

Pumpkin photo

Finally, the photos below show one of my capsicum plants, and then the corner of the garden where I have my permanent plants, being asparagus, rhubarb and strawbs.  The capsicums have been slow as well, but they have lots of medium sized fruit on them now, so I am not too worried about them.  At least you can eat green capsicums as easily as you can red (not quite so yummy tho)  The strawberry patch gets bigger and bigger every year.  It has already taken over one hole row, which was previously for annual vegies.  I might have to get cranky with it this year, and let it know its boundaries.  If anyone close by would like some runners please let me know!  Over behind the strawberry patch, under the wire cage is some cauliflower and broccoli plants.  I have to start them under a cage so that the white butterflies don’t create havoc with them.  One year, they were so bad that the plants never got more than about 2cm high!

strawberry and rhubarb patch photo

Well thats a pretty good overview of how the vegie garden sits at the moment.  I am hoping for rain, but also hoping for the warm weather to continue so my tomatoes, capsicums and pumpkins all ripen!

How’s everyone else’s kitchen garden looking at this time of the year?

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