More chickens – and other news….

Our last lot of chickens have hatched, so we have six more little babies!  Very exciting!  Cam is wondering where all the chook feed is going to come from! And stating loudly that we better start getting a decent supply of eggs soon!  I haven’t the heart to tell him that there is also a hen in the chook pen sitting on some eggs!

chicken photos

I love the little shy one in the middle of the bottom pic.  The ones with the browny fluff are Isa Browns, so they should be good layers (if they are hens of course…..) .  The one creamy one on the right is a white leghorn, one of our own eggs that we put in the incubator just for fun!

In other news around the farm, we crutched all our sheep last week. Crutching, for any city folk, is when we just shear around the sheeps’ bottoms.  This cleans up any daggy bits that might otherwise attract flies!  Next week we will be doing our proper shearing – a big week, tiring week!  Will do a post on it, with some pics afterwards…..

We have also had all our hay baled.  Here are some pics of the night the hay was raked, ready for baling.

Hay Raking photo

Hay raking photo

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