Chook pen progress

Well we really had a huge run at the new chookpen over the Melbourne Cup weekend.  The frame is well and truly taking shape.  While Cam was welding new bits together, I was coming behind, and painting all the welds with an anti rust paint.  I even had a bit of a go at welding myself – although I won’t be posting any closeups of my work!  Its MUCH harder than it looks, and those welding helmets really take some getting use to!

We have had a couple of old house doors lying around for a few years, and decided that they might make good doors for the chook pen.  So I gave them a light sand, and have painted them white (with a few helpers!!).  I still need to do a final waterproofing layer.   I sourced some old black hinges which I reckon will look great against the white.

You can see the nesting box frames here, on the far right of the picture, supported at the moment by a bit of wood.  They will be accessable from outside, so on rainy days, when the chook yard is muddy, we won’t actually need to go in, to collect the eggs.

Next step will be to clad the outside with mesh and corrugated iron, and then attach the doors.  I’m getting excited because it feels like we’re not too far away, but then, these things always take longer than we expect!

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