Whats happening at the moment

September gave us a glimpse at some sunny spring weather, and I got all excited and enthused about the vegie garden.  But since then, October has not stopped blowing – unbelievable wind!!  It was looking very dry too, but then yesterday we had 20mm, so feeling optimistic again.

Around the Farm

All our 12 cows have calved now.  10 calved with no probs at all, and those 10 calves are running around happily with their mums in the paddock.  Unfortunately one of the cows, a young cow having her first calf, had lots of trouble calving and we didn’t find her in time and the calf didn’t make it.  Another calf was abandoned by her mum, and so the cow that lost her calf has learnt to love the abandoned calf which is so nice!  I love a happy ending.  Jasmine named the abandoned calf Hamish (after her cousin!!) and because we were feeding him for a couple of days before his new mum adopted him, he is still quite relaxed around us.

Jazz and Hamish


In The Garden

After my initial burst of energy in the vegie garden, not much has happened lately.  I’ve planted some beans and peas, as well as three tomato plants under a plastic tunnel, to protect them from frosts.  I’ve also, finally, dug the last of the carrots. They were quite big, not yet woody but still a bit tough and not very sweet anymore, I have just peeled them, sliced them and frozen them.  They’ll be perfect for adding to caseroles or into the slow cooker.



The strawberries are looking very healthy, not quite ready for picking yet though.  It will be a challenge to get to them before the stumpy tail lizards do!  The only other productive plants at the moment are the globe artichokes.  They are quite prolific, but I am yet to find a good way to cook them.  If anyone has any great recipes, please let me know in the comments below!

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One thought on “Whats happening at the moment

  1. Bev

    Love your blog .. Prue told me to have a look even though it feels a little like spying from the hill top!

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